Warmer. Closer.

Truly Intimate.

We are proud to be able to offer the beautiful SW1X range of hand crafted and high end audio products for demonstration and sale.

SW1X design and manufacture audio equipment in the UK for home use with the finest components and best available technology, with the aim of producing the ultimate musical performance.

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We believe that

Less is


Designed and built in London, our handcrafted pair of full-range horn loudspeakers are carefully matched to a beautiful single-ended valve amplifier and revolutionary platterless turntable.

There are no power sapping crossovers, no tube rectifiers and no tone controls. Superiority by simplicity.

This results in music becoming more real and instinctive, direct and communicative. The immediacy, presence and coherence may just make you rediscover your music collection.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We believe that you should audition our products in the comfort and unique acoustic surroundings of your own home. Either make use of our 30 day money back guarantee or request a home audition.

Getting in


We look forward to hearing from both current and future customers alike. Please use the form below to contact our team in London and request an audition at home (within 50 mile radius) or in our listening room.
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