RI-10 Twin Passive
Subwoofer Stands

By Intimate Audio

Enhanced bass in a bespoke stand design.

Turn your speakers into room filling floor standers.

Want more bass? Moving your HiFi system into a larger room? These are the answer.

Carefully matched, both sonically & aesthetically, to the DS-108 Horn Speakers, they turn the small horns into room filling floor standers. With the ability to add these at any time, the Intimate Audio speakers have become a truly modular design.

Simply add your own choice of subwoofer amplifier with a low pass filter to add tight bass, designed particularly, although not exclusively, for music. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) will enhance performance even further. The performance of the horns is not impeded, since bass is added as they begin to roll-off. Please get in touch for recommended options, connections & set-up.

An extremely high-quality 10" Seas woofer is used in each sub. Most subwoofers utilise cheaper woofers for bass and are often great for movies but not necessarily for music. The extremely stiff aluminium cone gives tremendous bass precision, ensuring a smooth frequency response and low distortion.

Finish Black Satin or Polyurea
Or matched to Speakers at extra cost
Frequency Response 20 - 1000 Hz
Peak Power Handling 300 Watts
Nominal Power Handling 125 Watts
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Dimensions 400 x 210 x 320 mm
Internal Wiring 'Audio Note' High Purity Copper
Spikes SoundCare SuperSpikes

RI-10 Twin Passive Subwoofer Stands
By Intimate Audio

Subwoofers are covered by our ordinary returns policy.