Atmo Sfera 'Hi-End Edition'
Platterless Turntable

By Audio Deva

Revolutionary platterless design, made in Italy.

A masterpiece of engineering & ingenuity.

The basic design structure of the turntable has not changed dramatically since its conception, reinforcing the traditional view that high quality sound is synonymous with large size and heavy weight.

Using radical engineering solutions, the designer concentrated on only the vital components, making use of high quality materials & exacting production tolerances.

To revolutionize the classic turntable design, the use of heavy damping materials has been replaced with a lightweight platform. Careful tuning of resonance to frequencies above the range of human hearing eliminates any vulnerability to vibration and distortion.

By removing the platter almost entirely & the turntable support completely, Atmo Sfera solves the known problems in traditional turntable design. The solution is the playing of music on an (almost) free-floating vinyl disc with audio quality that rivals even the most sought after of turntables.

Tonearm Carbon fibre, statically balanced
Construction Anticorodal Aluminium Plinth
Precision Steel Bearing
Ergal Alloy 7075 Shaft
Wiring High Quality 'Litz'
Cartridge Ortofon MC Quintet Bronze (Moving Coil)
Dimensions 310 x 280 x 100 mm
Weight 2.8kg

Atmo Sfera 'Hi-End Edition' Platterless Turntable
By AudioDeva

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