EL-34SE Valve Amplifier

By SAC Thailand

Single-ended Class-A Amplifier with Super Cathode Feedback.

Sharper, more transparent sound with an abundance of power.

A single-ended Class-A valve amplifier with 'Super Cathode Feedback' and seperated power supply.

In simple terms, a pentode with the smooth tone of a triode, but with a sharper, more transparent sound and an abundance of power.

Beautifully made in an extremely user friendly package with an auto-biasing design, requiring no adjustment for tube replacement & rolling.

In our opinion, the Minute amplifier outperforms its rivals whilst costing considerably less.

Contains precision carbon film resistors for ultra smooth, liquid and detailed sound with low noise and high grade Solen Fast Coupling capacitors for image accuracy and transparency.

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Inputs 5 selectable high quality RCA inputs
Included Valves Matched Svetlana EL34 Tubes
NOS. Russian 6N1P Tubes
Output Power 10 Watts (RMS) per channel
Output Impedance 2.3 Ohms
Circuit Gain 42dB
Frequency Response 30-30,000Hz (-1.0dB) at 10W (RMS)
Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 1.0% at 6W(RMS)
Less than 0.3% at 1W(RMS)
Intermodulation Distortion Less than 0.3% SMPTE
Signal-to-Noise figure Below -87dB, hum less than 2.5mV
Dimensions 190 x 290 x 190 mm (Amplifier Unit)
190 x 260 x 100 mm (Power Supply Unit)
Weight 5.5kg (Amplifier Unit)
4.5kg (Power Supply Unit)

Minute EL-34SE Valve Amplifier
By SAC Thailand

Our Valve Upgrade set consists of:
2x EL34 Svetlana Winged 'C' Cryogenic Valves
2x Matching Harma 6N1P Cryogenic Valves

The Minute Valve Amplifier is covered by our ordinary returns policy.